Friday, May 13, 2011

fill in the blank friday

Thanks, My So Called Denver, for creating some blanks for today!

                                               (this is an old FITBF pic, but I like this one)

1.   If  I had to use 3 words to describe why I am undoubtedly a  Louis they would be  smart-alecky, hard-working, and a beer lover :)

2.  Something that happened to me in life that initially seemed bad but turned out to be good was  when I got placed in a pretty ghetto school in Lansing, MI for student teaching. I was convinced I'd be eaten alive and that I'd hate it. I was definitely chewed up and spit out a couple of times, but it was an amazing experience and helped me succeed as a teacher in Chicago big-time.

3.  Something I inherited from my mom is  the saying "for crying out loud" and my habit of getting high-pitched when I'm excited.

4.  Something I inherited from my dad is  an appreciation for puns and corny jokes (but don't tell him that, it will only encourage him).

5.  My goal for this summer is   to study like hell for both GREs (I'm re-taking them for better scores to improve my shot at PhD acceptance in the fall), to get more flexible (I can't even come close to touching my toes, it's ridiculous), and to spend a lot of quality time with family and friends before I fall of the face of the earth in September.

6.  The best thing about this week is     two things-- that I'm done with school, and that I got accepted for a paid grad assistant position in the burbs!

7.  Something I couldn't give up if I tried is  baking. making excuses. reading magazines from cover to cover, even if I couldn't care less about the particular article. facebook.

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